June Birthday Necklace Candle Charmed Aroma Sterling Candle Jewelry Inside

June Birthstone Necklace Candle



Indulge in this charming aroma that is the perfect blend of sugary and fruity goodness. Top notes of fresh Italian lemon zest with a heart note of juicy strawberries, this irresistible aroma rounds off with a base of cotton candy and sweet vanilla cream.

Alexandrite is an extremely rare gemstone that has been thought to bring good luck, fortune, and love. It is considered to be a birthstone of very good omen, and is said to strengthen intuition and imagination.

This special edition Birthstone Necklace Candle features an Alexandrite colored stone necklace made of solid 925 sterling silver valued over $100 and up to $5000.

Handmade in Canada with our signature natural soy wax blend and the highest concentration of premium aroma oils, each necklace candle weighs 400g and has a burn time of 70 hours.